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Project name: "Range"
Short description of the project.

The collaborative "Range" project of Oksana Chepelyk and Ute Weiss-Leder is decided as
an artistic attempt to determine, personify and generalize the European dialogue in the
changed geopolitical and cultural conditions.

It used to be a common statement that the last
10 years in Europe are the time of fundamental geopolitical and cultural changes.

Installation is erected in the center of rect-
angular hall with an angle of the 15 degrees.
It is composed of two rows of transparent films
of 300 x 460 cm, situated with the slight shift
from one to another. Every side is composed
of 10 transparent bands of 300 x 46 cm, on the
first side of which there is the images of Berlin, and the images of Kiev on the other.

Range, 1999 (House of the Arts, Kiev)